Monday, 30 July 2012

Why I love Google Currents

Google Currents article Will Kennard
As I mentioned on my last post on Nexus 7; Google Currents is one of the reasons I have been using my Nexus 7 so much. In fact, it's the app I've used the most since I got it. Of course it's not just available on a Nexus 7, you can grab it on other Android devices, as well as iOS, and it's free.

Google Currents basically provides you with free news articles in a format that looks great, is uncluttered, and easy to read. It has a good amount of news sources from many subjects, and includes newspapers such as The Independent and The Guardian, along with all your Google Reader subscriptions.

Its best feature is the ability to sync news articles and have them available to view offline, including images. This is perfect for commutes where WiFi or mobile internet isn't available (which I find happens often), and is also just convenient for quickly checking the news without using mobile data or having to connect to a Cloud WiFi service. This is done through an option for only syncing stories whilst your device is connected to WiFi and charging, which for me is usually overnight or at work, providing the latest stories available whilst travelling.

I've come to rely on Currents for its simplicity and syncing, preferring it over Flipboard and Pulse, both of which had problems with fetching my RSS feed subscriptions properly. I also think the simple view and page  navigation of the articles on the Currents app is favourable to most news apps, including the official Guardian app. It's also Google, which means when you sign in using your Google account, the subscriptions will sync effortlessly over all devices using Currents. 

Check it out, if you're on the move, read a lot of news, and find it hard to keep up with your RSS feed, I guarantee you'll love Currents.
Google Currents article Will Kennard
The Guardian on Google Currents
A tip for tablet users: check the 'Only if Charging' box under background sync options; this will avoid using large amounts of mobile data whilst your tablet uses your phones mobile hotspot on the go.

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