Monday, 23 July 2012

Nexus 7 Pros and Cons

A few points to think about if you're considering purchasing a Nexus 7.

The Good:

  • The size is perfect for reading. It's small enough to hold comfortably with one hand, but usefully bigger than a smartphone, making it ideal for reading ebooks and webpages.
  • The price. Obviously. 
  • Google Currents. It's probably the app I've used the most since I got my Nexus, and it's free. It allows you to add subscriptions from a large list of websites and blogs, including The Guardian, and they are presented in a digital magazine format which look clean and easy to read. The app can sync all your subscriptions whilst on WiFi, including images. This means you can sync all issues overnight and they will be available to read offline the next day; perfect for someone who lives in a city without consistent WiFi access. 
  • It's Google. Integration with their cloud services, Gmail, and the latest Android OS updates are just a few reasons to go Google. 
  • It's fast. Really fast. Multitasking is the quickest I've ever experienced on a mobile device.
The not so good:
  • The size can be limiting for certain things, for example editing documents and spreadsheets. A bigger tablet might be helpful, but I'd probably use a laptop for this sort of thing.
  • Landscape view rarely gets used. Most apps for social networks (particularly Twitter) fit much better in portrait mode. The stock Android keyboard also seems to take up a large amount of the screen in this mode. 
  • Lack of SD card slot. I assume it was to save costs, but it seems strange not to include a slot for removable storage. I have the 8 gig version, and whilst it hasn't been a problem, it would be nice to have the option to add more storage.
Google Currents, Nexus 7 review

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