Monday, 11 June 2012

My thoughts on Prometheus...

A lot of people, mainly friends, have been slating the film, saying that it didn't make sense or that it was too mainstream. I personally loved it, but I can see why people may moan. It did lack a real explanation as to what the reasoning was behind the opening scene, and why the film overall didn't answer the question it seemed to be asking (that you will know when you watch it). But could Ridley Scott really have answered that question? I think the film would have been a lot worse had an attempt been made at doing so.

Fair enough there are a lot of 'cheesy', 'mainstream' kind of scenes in the film, but as a mass-marketed and Hollywood budgeted project, those things come naturally. For me the film presented a good hour of Sci-fi for a nerd to absorb; something which happens very rarely, and another hour of action on top.

As a bonus, a friend pointed me in the direction of this article which gives a great reading as to some of the back story that wasn't obvious in the film, just strengthening my respect for it.

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