Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Kryptonite Locks

I have been using the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit New York Lock for some time now but was looking to switch to the Kryptonite Evolution Mini as I wanted something smaller. I couldn't find any real images of comparisons in size online but I went with the mini anyway, and thought I'd post some lock size comparisons for new cyclists looking at which locks would suit their needs. I have also compared the Kryptolok Series 2 which is a more popular size of lock with cyclists in general.
Both the mini locks fit nicely in a Fabric Horse, but the New York lock is so hench it's hard to carry around all day, it really does weigh a lot. I would recommend the Evo Mini for most areas of crime level and for periods of a few hours, but the Fahgettaboudit lock is useful in high crime areas as it's a thief-proof beast. The Kryptolok 2 is bigger and useful for locking up a couple of bikes, but it means you have to take a bag around with you to carry it, as it's a lot longer than the mini locks.
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