Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Too Many Films

I have been watching too many films again. That brief period of time in between working is the perfect size for a horror film. And I just don't have time to review them all. So here is a short description and score of some I have watched.

One Eyed Monster is a spoof horror film whereby a penis runs around and kills people. Pretty stupid but a right laugh anyway. 6/10.

Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations ; the third butterfly film and a stand alone one. Standard storyline with standard actors provides a boring but watchable movie. 6/10.

The Devils Tomb is pure crap. Some soldiers are sent to recover a scientist who is trapped in an underground bunker; but they are confronted by demon looking weirdos and religious involvements. Bad acting, cheesy script and standard scares. Avoid. 3/10.

The Children. Don't expect a normal horror movie with this one. This is really something else. A very fast paced film with loads of tense and creepy moments topped off by insanely horrible intense scary kids. Loved the camera work too. 10/10.

Mum and Dad. Quite an interesting and certainly sick watch; Mum and Dad is a great example of British horror and has a distinct style. 7/10.

Dark City. Really cool concept for a film and a very enjoyable Sci-fi thriller. Also Kiefer Sutherland plays an interesting part in it which is different to his latest stuff. Definitely one to watch. 8/10.
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