Thursday, 11 June 2009

Star Defence Review

There are a lot of great tower defence games on the IPhone already, so why do we need more? Well really we don't, so Star Defence was going to have to impress.

There are two modes on the game, standard and challenge. The standard mode allows you to play through a set of levels (planets) on easy, medium or hard difficulties. This mode also includes 'commendations' which are basically achievements for completing different tasks (such as killing 3 enemies with one shot) and they actually feel quite rewarding to get. The other mode is Challenge mode whereby you fight of waves of enemies for as long as possible. This is particularly interesting as you can post your scores to Facebook or Twitter directly from the game.

It is a great game. I think the reason it is good is because it plays so well on the IPhone. The graphics are awesome, but not too ambitious, and this keeps the game performing smoothly. The controls are also very smooth, and everything is nicely arranged on screen. The game is a brilliant example of what the IPhone can do, and with the release of IPhone 3.0 firmware on 17th June the game will have even more great features. An in game shop will be introduced where you can purchase new content, and multiplayer with leaderboards and full online gaming.

Star Defence is a brilliant game which demonstrates perfectly the sort of gaming capabilities the IPhone has and provides hours of entertainment. 8/10.

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