Thursday, 14 May 2009

Storm Warning Review

An Australian horror film from the same director as Wolf Creek, Storm Warning was something I stumbled upon in Blockbuster, and I'm glad I decided to rent it. The films storyline is standard; a couple get lost while on a boating trip and come across a farm for shelter, where something goes wrong and they are clearly not welcome. However the brilliance of the film is far from the storyline; it is all in the gore. The setting is a typical inbred looking farmhouse and this just makes the gore scenes more gritty, whilst being in Australian outback gives you a sense of how far away from civilisation they are. I cannot reveal and of the gory scenes as they are quite surprising, but I can say as a fan of horror films the gore is incredible and humorous, whilst the actors maintain the serious side of it. If you like gory films or are thinking of something entertaining to watch with friends, this is it. 8/10.
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