Sunday, 24 May 2009

Slam (Nick Hornby) Review

The book is told from the point of view of a young man named Sam. I purchased it as I have read Nick Horby novels before and enjoyed them a lot (I wont tell you anything about the plot, as I think that spoils a good story). Now if you have read a Nick Hornby book you will be familiar with how he keeps you entertained. He has a certain way of creating a brilliantly honest tone from the narrator, and Slam is no exception. The character Sam is young and somewhat naive, and this shines through in his humour; it makes it seem as though Sam doesn't know he is being downright hilarious at times, and this keeps you entertained throughout. I would say the main theme of the novel is relationships, but not in a soppy way, and the variety of characters personalities and social classes are wonderfully accurate and come together in many amusing ways. I'd say there is no traditional beginning, middle and end; it is more of a journey through memories, which works very nicely. The flow of the story makes it easy to read, and it is suitable for anyone as a light bit of entertainment, and I found it was particularly easy to read for short amounts of time without getting lost. Nothing majorly essential, but well worth a casual read. 8/10.
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