Thursday, 14 May 2009

S. Darko Review

Donnie Darko is one of my favorite films of all time; I love the storyline, the music, the characters and the mystery that surrounds all of it. So when I saw there was a second film, S. Darko, I was skeptical as to how it would live up to the first film.
For fans of the first film, S. Darko is horrible. The worst part about it is the fact they try to use so many things which were brilliant in Donnie Darko (Franks voice or the wormhole for instance) and completely ruin them with CGI to the point where they look overused and silly. The music is new and has a slight resemblance to the original score, yet is used badly and seems to try too hard when creating an atmosphere. The narrative uses time travel again, and attempts to use a lot of techniques which formed mystery in the first film, but they just end up creating a disjointed and emotionless load of crap. Most of the Actors are terrible, and there is a complete lack of anything humorous in an attempt to make the film seem more real, again not working. I think this movie could have worked had it not been based around the original characters. One good thing about it was the newly made rabbit mask, which did look awesome. 4/10.
Samantha in S. Darko is played by the same actress as in Donnie Darko; Daveigh Chase. She also played Samara (the spooky girl with long black hair) from The Ring, yet now looks far from scary.
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