Saturday, 6 September 2008

Rahxephon Manga Review

I have not seen any of the Anime series of Rahxephon, but i know there are around 20 or so episodes, and they have all been squeezed into 3 Manga volumes. I read all 3 and my overall impression is very good. The plot is pretty strange, being based around a giant living mecha which can control time and space and a young boy who is the destined 'pilot'. His struggle to make the right decisions throughout the story makes for an interesting read, and some of the humor is above average. The art is nothing amazing, mainly let down by typical young girls in strange revealing uniforms. As a whole the three volumes flow nicely and certainly keep you hooked. I think the Anime (complete box set due for release 22/9) will be more in depth with a lot more character development and I look forward to watching it. 7/10
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