Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Slipknot: All Hope Is Gone review

This is a very strange album. It feels like there's no consistency in the style of metal it is; sometimes it seems like new age death metal like Slipknots other albums, and at other times the guitar solos seem quite 'old school'. Also I found the vocals in some songs to be quite a different experience to the usual slipknot, sometimes I expect they would be much too soft for hardcore fans. Certain songs make me feel somewhat short changed; because of these weak vocals they seem like little effort has been put into them. That said, the album isn't bad, but it's not amazing as I'd hoped, yet I will certainly be listening to it for a while. Slipknot are one of my favourite metal bands so I will naturally try enjoy this CD, but if you are a newcomer to their music the older albums are much better. 6/10.
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