Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Bloc Party : Intimacy review

Another album from a band I love, although, I'm not sure when Intimacy by Bloc Party was released; it seems to have secretly been sprung upon us. I always have high expectations for the band because their first album was amazing, but when I started listening to Intimacy my high hopes for new great songs were shit all over by the opening track to the album. I then moved on to Mercury where my respect for what was once an original sounding style of vocals has been completely lost. The effort put into the album seems minimal, and for a band with such a large fan base it feels downright embarrassing to listen to. Sometimes the music can feel like it will get better, only to be countered with more awful lyrics which sound like they don't belong or flow with the song. The drumming sounds different too, but why change it if it worked so well in the first place? Utterly disappointing. 3/10
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