Monday, 30 June 2008

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Review

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is huge in Japan where it goes by the name Monster Hunter Portable 2G (i think..) so i thought I'd track it down for a bargain price and see what i thought. The game is an RPG and involves you creating a character and living in a village where you receive quests as a monster hunter. The quests are relatively simple slaying or gathering type deals, but it's the combat which makes the game enjoyable. There are several different types of weapon, and several different skills to go with each one, and rather than levelling up you receive rewards from your quests to upgrade your weapons and equipment. The combat system is much a button basher and proves to be very addictive, especially with something like the duel swords, and slaying a giant raptor is very satisfying. There's also an online mode and other things to do in the village which make the game quite in depth. Because there is no real 'end' to the game, it is the sort of thing which can be picked up again and again and still be entertaining. If you have a PSP it is defiantly one to buy. Decent.
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